Robomax Company

We are Leading Manufacturer of electrical beauty care machine in this field.
for more than 10 years.

CEO Greeting

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Products made of long experience and know-how

The long experience and know-how based on over 10 years of
creating products with superior reliability and the quality is
Robo Max can offer to our customers.

Strong partnership with our customers together

Through adequate communication with customers and clients are
companies Robo Max are ready to draw the most
out of your favorite products.

One-stop system from product development to production

The Robo Max with a variety of equipment and solid
technical strength can proceed to sampling and prototyping to volume
production from development of products from one source.

Going out to the world export markets

The domestic medical equipment market, as well as in Japan and Asia,
including China, European countries are also actively export enterprises
Robo Max being made.